WestRock Solutions LLC and its predecessor WestRock, Inc. have been serving the healthcare industry in the Midwest for nearly 20 years. Tom Hollinger and Jim Todd, owners, along with their dedicated team, enjoy fulfilling this mission every day by providing and servicing the best products in the industry, including Handicare Safe Patient Handling Equipment, Rane bathing equipment, Jeron Electronic Systems Nurse Call Systems, Navi-Call Wireless Emergency Call Systems, Accutech ResidentGuard Resident Wandering Systems and Potter/Harrington Fire Alarm Systems, to name a few.




​Tom and Jim also have a sister company, 
Navi-Call Solutions LLC, that manufactures 
Navi-Call™ Wireless Emergency Call Systems for senior care. We are proud to say Navi-Call is manufactured locally, has exceptional features and is the only wireless call system that have been futureproofed. The world of technology is ever-changing, so technological advancements can be implemented as needed during the
Navi-Call product's lifespan. We currently have installations in 35 states and growing. Navi-Call is complemented by its NCIS software, developed from the ground up with the understanding each resident and facility has unique needs. Lastly, we developed Smart Messenger™, bringing a common sense, cost-effective and manageable substitution to pagers and other legacy portable devices used by staff.


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