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The crew at Guest Home Estates took Bud to his old home so he could take pictures of the flowers his late wife planted. They then took Bud to his wife's grave so he could share the flowers with her. Just another beautiful story of our businesses going above and beyond for others!​

Marketing in a snap

Scipio Supper Club & 6th Avenue Boutique TEAM UP!
Janet Alexander, owner of Scipio Supper Club and Sandra Zook, owner of 6th Avenue Boutique & Bronze, have teamed up to promote their businesses! These ladies exchanged "goody bags" that had a small gift and coupon inside them. They give these to new customers who are unaware of what Garnett has to offer! 
"I have people travel from across the state to eat our steaks. When they mention that they are looking for somewhere in town to shop, I hand them Sandra's goody bag." Janet explained that Sandra does the same in her store when a customer is looking for a great place to eat!

This is simple and effective, teamwork at it's finest!

Great work ladies!


Hit $5000.00 in donations to Garnett Area charities and causes! Every time a Garnett resident purchases from Wise, they donate $100 to a local charity/cause of the purchasers choice! 

How is that for community support?!