Socials are a time where everyone can relax, network, and learn what the Chamber of Commerce has been up to.

Chamber Members have the opportunity to host the social, which is a chance to highlight your business, and show other members what you do!

If you would like to Host/Sponsor a social, contact GACC today!!!!!


August 8, 2019- Monroe 816 (Host)


quarterly socials

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April 23, 2019- 6th Ave Boutique & Western Wear (Host)

Scipio Supper Club (Host)

Next Social:

Monroe 816   September 14th

          5:30pm - 7:30pm 

There will be many many activities this evening including concert in the park, farmers market, and chili/cinnamon roll cook-off (community will vote and anyone can enter their chili and/or cinnamon rolls)

May 24, 2022 - East Kansas Agri-Energy (Host)

October 24, 2022- Toddy's Back Porch (Host)

                               East Kansas Agri-Energy (Co-Host)


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